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ASPS Election Results

By November 27, 2022No Comments
It is our privilege to announce the winners of the 2022 elections. Our new Vice President will be Evrim Binbaş. He will be serving a three year term, 2023-2025. We will also be welcoming Peyvand Firouzeh, Karolina Rakowiecka-Asgari, and Daniel Beben to our Board of Directors. They will also be serving three year terms, 2023-2025.
Thank you to everyone who voted.
We would like to thank our outgoing Vice President/Acting President Kazuo Morimoto and Board Members Alyssa Gabbay and Neelam Khoja for their service over the past three years. Their terms included many challenges as the ASPS responded to the COVID pandemic and we appreciate their leadership during this time.
Finally, we would also like to thank our elections committee for their work recruiting candidates and organizing the election. The committee was led by Louise Marlow and included Rob Haug, Gershon Lewental, Sunil Sharma, and Gabriele van den Berg.