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ASPS Statement on Afghanistan

By August 31, 2021September 6th, 2021No Comments

In light of the monumental crisis currently unfolding in Afghanistan, the Association for the Study of Persianate Societies (ASPS) would like to emphasize that supporting the study of this region, including its history, languages, and arts, is an essential part of our mission. We support and encourage the principle of free and open scholarship and the rights of all to human rights, especially to unfettered access to education and unlimited ability to engage in academic scholarship. We know that the lives and livelihoods of Afghans from all walks of life, including fellow scholars and people from various ethnic groups, occupations, genders, religious persuasions, are imperiled. We sincerely express our solidarity with them and urge ASPS members and their institutions to take measures available to them to help our colleagues.

Specific ways in which you can help include the following:

  • If your institution is willing to host at-risk individuals from Afghanistan, please complete the survey here.
  • Refer a scholar, human rights practitioner, or civil society leader who meets Scholar at Risk application criteria (see bottom) by e-mailing
  • Join efforts to help threatened and displaced scholars resume their work in safety by learning how to host an IIE-SRF fellow on your campus. (View the full list of IIE-SRF fellows seeking academic positions.)
  • Sign and share this appeal urging European governments and EU institutions to take immediate action to secure the lives and careers of Afghanistan’s scholars, students, and civil society actors.
  • Sign and share this urgent letter of appeal demanding US government action to secure safe passage for scholars, practitioners, and civil society leaders in Afghanistan.
  • Are you interested in working to support Afghan academics, but not sure where to start? Email
  • Donate to Scholars at Risk or IIE-SRF if you are in a position to support Afghan scholars, practitioners, and their accompanying family members and to enable them to respond to the crisis.

Please visit these websites for more information:

Academics for Afghan Solidarity
Scholars at Risk
IIE Scholar Rescue Fund
American Institute of Afghanistan Studies