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The First Meeting of Bukhara Magazine’s Evening Sessions

By April 1, 2018April 17th, 2019No Comments

This first meeting (in Italian) is held in honor of Bijan Zarmandili, an Italian- Iranian writer and journalist, who will share the podium with other distinguished speakers including: Ginevra Bompiani (writer, publisher and editor of literary works), Carlo Cereti (Ironologists at the Sapienza University), Riccardo Cristiano (writer and journalist), Alice Miggiano (Researcher in Iranian Studies), accompanied by video messages from Ali Dehbashi (editor of Bukhara Magazine), Lucio Caracciolo (writer and Journalist from University Roma Tre), Daniela Padoan (writer), Maurizio Di Puolo (Sapienza University) and moderated by Abdolhassan Hatami.

This meeting will be hosted by a group of cultural enthusiast such as the Cultural Association Alefba, the Association for the study of Persianate Societies, and the Center for Research and Cooperation Iran-Italy.