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ASPS Virtual Event Series I: Morphological Similarities between Sanskrit and Persian by Dr. Balram Shukla

November 16, 2020

Virtual Virtual Event

ASPS is pleased to announce the first event of its Virtual Event Series, with a lecture by Dr. Balram Shukla, one of the foremost young scholars of Sanskrit and Persian, on “Morphological Similarities between Sanskrit and Persian” (bio and abstract below). The event also marks the official launch of the ASPS India Office in Hyderabad.

The relationship of old Persian and Sanskrit literary traditions has been noted in the fields of cultural and linguistic studies. Despite the huge gap of almost 1,000 years and drastic cultural and linguistic changes, modern Persian still bears astonishing phonetic, morphological and other linguistic affinities with Sanskrit, and has preserved the inflecting nature of ancient languages to some extent, which, even Aryan languages like Hindi lack. In this talk I will elaborate on the extent of intrinsic similarities between modern Persian and Sanskrit, with special reference to morphology. It is interesting to note that various verbal and nominal morphemes and the suffixes thereof remain in Persian. Our discussion will cover topics including, but not limited to, different aspects of verbal roots and verbal conjugation, verbal derivatives, different kinds of secondary nominal bases, various sorts of compounds, and prepositions.

Dr. Balram Shukla is a scholar and poet of Sanskrit, and Persian languages, with University degrees in both fields. He has published 3 Sanskrit and 2 Persian collections of poems, 3 scholarly books, and more than 20 research papers. He has also translated Rumi’s 100 Ghazals – “Niḥśabda-Nūpur” and “Dawāzdeh Band” of Muhtasham Kāshānī into Hindi. Dr. Shukla has delivered lectures on Sanskrit grammar and different aspects of Indo-Iranian language and literature. He is currently working on a project sponsored by ICSSR- “Indo-Iranian Cognate Glossary,” and is a Fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS), Shimla, researching Prākṛta Languages.


November 16, 2020
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